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I have learned much this year. My paddles and straps are gone after 30 years. It was a long season of paddling men. In the twilight of my years I have become my church greeter. Ever on Maui look me up same place every Sunday
Aloha from Uncle Spinner on Maui

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Wonder what those women will say

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I got I trouble today with my mama. I've been getting an attitude with her. Still failing now what I would call 3 courses in college. Was being a class clown in my morning classes today to make everyone laugh.

Punished Brats
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YOU, the members are so friendly... I am happy to be here

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I need a good spanking on my bare bottom now :((

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Anon slept I. In feverish sleep
I dreamt I slept and dreamt no dreams.
Imagination, dreamless, seems
to drift in sleep, as when awake,
o'er some mist shrouded, dreary lake
where Waters of Lethe drag me beneath.

Punished Brats
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When I agreed to tutor you in piano, you remember our agreement? I said I didn't normally tutor adults, and that we were going to do the lessons the way I always do them. You remember agreeing to that, don't you? I asked if you were really serious about this, and wanted to be sure you would see this through. You remember how you assured me you would?

So here we find ourselves just three lessons later, and I can see from that pitiful warm-up that you didn't practice at all this week? What did I tell you last time? That's right, I expect one hour of practice every day. If you'd done even half that, I'd notice some improvement, but I don't hear any.

I have a very effective way of handling this with my younger pupils and it's what we're going to do right now.

Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to sit here at this piano bench, pull down your pants and underwear, put you across my lap, and give you the spanking of your life with this hairbrush. And when I'm done, I'm removing the cushion from the bench. You're going to sit here with your underwear down and practice scales with your stinging red butt on the hard seat. You're going to practice them until you get them right. Then, and only then, will I permit you to pull your pants back up.

Now come here and stand in front of me with your hands lifted up so I can unbutton your pants.

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last night i found out that my next spanking will be about my occasional foul language. i don't swear often--just when i am surprised, startled or scared it just kinda slips out. other times i say it because i know it will get a rise out him but he says he will not permit me to speak that way. i knew he would scold me for cursing but i didn't think i would be spanked for it. being spanked for that will probably work because i know i already have plenty of reasons to be spanked already. i don't need to give him any more. i know i do need to stop it completely because i do blurt it out at really bad times. like when i'm hanging out with my elderly parents. i can even picture me slipping and saying that around a future boss or coworker too. maybe even during a job interview! i imagine me saying, "i think i just really f-ed up that question didn't i?" but with him maybe i could claim i have tourettes's? lol i doubt he would believe that though and then i am sure he would spank me for lying to him on top of everything else.

he still has many other things that he wants and needs to spank me for but he says that one will be first on his agenda. he also says i'm in for a series of spanks for not taking my meds, for stopping some meds completely because i didn't like some of the possible side effects (even though i didn't have any of them yet) and for lying to my doctor about the real reasons why i am not taking them. at least i'm not hiding that from him or my doctor this time though. maybe i should mention that and hope for some mercy because of that. but i know that won't help with the other issues so i am f***ed. lol i didn't say that word but i think you can tell what word i censored lol!

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I've added some new pics to my photo gallery titled: Is She a Spanko. if you haven't been by in a while you might want to check them out. today's addition - Pippa Middleton. what a royal good spankable bottom she has.

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So I have been offline again for some time, but I still try to respond to messages when I get email notifications of messages on spankingtube so say hi and I will too.

I just got back from being in the hospital for most of last week after having a surgery, nothing bad I'm not sick or dying and in fact hopefully it will be helpful in getting more healthy, so anyways I am home now recovering and bored so if you like to chat message me

And my birthday is coming up next week so depending on what my doctor says if I can be a little more active and if my mentor agrees maybe a birthday spanking video is in the near future

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Well it's 5:00 a.m.

I still up with the chickens without the rooster as an alarm clock. I thought going to bed at one I would sleep in.

I spoke with David. We spoke from eleven till one this morning. I found out where his head is.

he is thinking:

There is no more wife led home. If he feels the need he will find a disciplinarian. I can come home and Daisy is not allowed on the property while he is there. He will purchase me a phone so I cam talk to her and he will not answer it nor ever have to speak to her. If she wishes to visit, or the children, she will have to give twenty-four hour notice with a planned exit time. He will not be there. He has changed his life insurance policies beneficiaries to his brother except for a fifty thousand policy for me, Including my policies which he pays for and owns..

Don't get me wrong, Steve's a good guy and all, But he is cutting Daisy and the kids totally out of is life without any inheritance either.


He will give me the house in Parma, Ohio. It is not a bad house, it was our starter house he mother had bought as a wedding present for us, and given him before the wedding. It is a two bedroom. It has no extra room for the grand-babies to spend the night. Though it does have a lot for a mobile home, which he said he would buy daisy one for Daisy there if she relinquishes her deed here to him.

I will have a life-time estate there and when I pass, it is given to the Homes for our troops charity. We have no community property. I am a retired teacher with my own pension and social security; I will receive 25% of his rental for as long as he owns it. When he passes it goes to his brother Steve, it belonged to their parents and David has no biological children, and no longer considers Daisy his daughter.

Now we at least have a starting place.


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Got a hard spanking with the bath brush by the Miss. she was on her period. We don't usually have sex during that time(gives us both time to recover, haha) I made a playful comment about her vagina "ruining everything".... She didn't find it funny.

I got out of the shower and went to the bed. As soon as I hoped in, she told me to get right back out, get her the bathbrush and lay across her lap. She must have spanked me for 20 minutes. I was wriggling and squirming all over the place but she never stopped until I came all over her thighs. I wiped her clean and we went to bed.

A few hours later, she woke me, telling me she needed me to cum again, this time messing myself up. I told her I was too dehydrated and probably couldn't. She made sure I came by massaging my prostate while giving me a handjob. My dick and ass were so tired after i was done. She was so sweet to wipe me clean. She's the best!

Punished Brats
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I can treat you better than he can..any guy like you deserves a gentle man...

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Going to spend another 3 days at Master Victor's House. Looking for new scenario and ideas. One thing we like to do for sure is spanking with real birches which I will cut by myself and connect it together in bushes(Germany style birching).Master has a nice basement and I gave him idea to do the real cage there from wood(old Rome style)and put some kind of bench there for canning and whipping. If somebody has some of kind of this furniture or idea how easy to do it, please, share with us!

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said with emotion: take this advice to heart, on Sunday #go2bed real soon, and early so your own dear moon, wont smart, on Monday #StrictMotivation

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I just wanted to give an update on my attitude. It has been a few days since my last spanking and my attitude has been good. My roomate had company over this weekend and everything went well. I hope my attitude continues to improve because i know if it doesnt i will get another spanking. The last one i got was a really hard spanking and i learned a lot from it. I got punished and forgiven for all of the majorly bad stuff i done in ga before i moved to pa except the day i was drinking with a friend and i drove home drunk. I am sure that will be our next session because i still feel really guilty and i wont feel better until i get punished for it. I know that will be a hard session but i will feel better after i get forgiven for it. I know the next thing we will work on is my bad language. I want to get into the security officer and law enforcement field so i really neef to work on my language. I am going to keep working hard towards having a good attitude also. I have learned a lot and my behavior is starting to improve since i began having discipline sessions with my roomate.

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I have missed watching everyone having good fun on here. I stopped watching because I was jealous of the ones who had found someone to spank them. I have decided to return and enjoy watching all the hot bottoms that have found the discipline.

Punished Brats
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Girls wear yoga pants and leggings all the time now. I know that I wear them to show off my butt and to make people want to spank me! I think most girls do it for the same reasons. I want to know if you think this girl needs a spanking? How would you spank her?

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A few people have asked if there's anywhere they can buy our videos, so I put them up on a clip sale site, find them at the link below!


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