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Master wanted to know if the girls had been drinking or eating something really pink.
They both had a raspberry vodka pink slush. It was lush.

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Looking to interact with more like minded people and embrace the spanko lifestyle so feel free to message

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Looking to interact with more like minded people and embrace the spanko lifestyle so feel free to message

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currently working on multiple builds

the 68 Charger build: mostly got put on hold after the exterior paint (satin black) and the engine build (see previous post). have made some progress on the interior pieces, choosing a medium gray for the interior with black seats with red inserts.

the Tirpitz build: received the model in today's mail (very small) every piece is a charcoal grey. while painting the Charger interior, I went ahead and painted the Tirpitz grey (I hate molded plastic, needed to flatten it out a bit). should be a quick build, very few pieces. I am going to modify the display base and upgrade to a wooden one that I will fashion myself.

micro military builds: have purchased a number of extremely small military models on ebay. opening bids on these are .01 (that's right, one cent AND free shipping out of China). I will normally drop out of the auctions once they exceed one dollar. I'll take all the .75 cent models you got.

ongoing scratch builds and kit bash:* working on an N scale oil refinery (scratch built) for my train layout. the overall train layout is a work in progress will be months/years in the works. I'm making the layout modular so that it can expand as the footprint increases.

I am also attempting multiple space builds (scratch and kit bash). have seen some really cool spaceship modeling done online (some of these guys need to be working for NASA).

photo: micro military model jet fighter purchased on ebay for approx. .75 cents - ipod shown for scale. all of the camo paint work done by hand with a VERY small brush

*(scratch build - modeling done with everyday items modified for the build / kit bash - modeling done by robbing parts from other kits and morphing them together)

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the disciplinarian checks his morning emails after placing a recent spank ad...

the ad: Mature male disciplinarian seeks slender submissive younger male in need of good sound old fashioned style spankings. Spankings will be administered with hand, brush, paddle and strap across the lap on the underpants and bare bottom. No B/D, No S/M, No sex - just spankings. Naughty boys in need of a good sound spanking should contact me a.s.a.p. Be for real, all serious replies answered promptly. Discretion expected and assured. Regularly scheduled weekly spankings possible.

the reply: Good Morning Sir, I knew as soon as I read your ad that I would be contacting you. I am a small and slender male very much in need of a good sound spanking. So glad that there are still old fashioned men, like yourself, that still firmly believe in the benefit that spanking provides. I share your belief in spanking discipline and know that a good sound spanking does me a world of good. A spanking is something that I do need and also look forward to as well. I would very much like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss my need for spankings. When would you be available to meet and chat? I am an experienced spankee with years of experience reporting to disciplinarian type men to receive my spankings. I look forward to your response, and my spankings.

and so it begins

(photo NOT me btw)

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Tomorrow night, at 6 pm Eastern Time, post your spanking poetry or flash fiction at the "open mic." Old stuff or new, whatever you've got to share.

For our friends across the pond, that's 11 pm in London. Assuming I did the conversion right.

For anyone who hasn't played before, all you have to do is include some reference to the Spanko City Book Cafe Open Mic in the title of your post. Let's fill the blog roll with creative stuff! And if you don't have anything to share, you can still pitch in with comments.

When Lotus posted notice of this yesterday, it awoke the old spanking muse, and I wrote a poem specifically for the event. I'm looking forward to sharing it, and reading everyone else's posts as well.

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Does anyone on here have much to say about sensual spanking?
Using spanking as a relaxation tool instead of just domination or punishment?
The use of switches on skin to increase blood flow and toning muscles has been around for years like in Swedish massage.

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good afternoon, just pretty much a repost of my last blog. Im giving out the opportunity to come to san francisco for a great trip, spanking & tourism. your flight would be free and so would your stay. I know it's hard to find spankers in some areas so hey why not make it available for some

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Still a couple times available tomorrow (August 20) when I join Macie at her home in Brook Park. Schedule with both of us or either of us.

Upcoming dates:
September 15 - Buffalo, NY
September 16 - Albany, NY
September 23 - Pittsburgh, PA (with Macie)
October 7-9 - Chicago, IL (with Macie)
November 17, 18 - Erie, PA

Go to my website to schedule:

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So why do we hide in the shadows

So I was thinking today about spanking and what it means to me. I have been a spanko for as long as I can remember, but yet, I was 42 years old before I actually did anything about it !! Yes for 42 years I drove my feeling for it deep down inside of me. So why was denying it to myself and to anyone else I was in a relationship with? why ? why did I do this to myself, i lied to people I had been in a relationships with by denying my need for spanking to be part of my life then wounded why they didn't work?

I am I sure there are many happy couples on here that have taken a deep breath, and told each other there needs and wants and are probably now the very envy of us all. So why do we hide it so much from the people we love ?? What is so wrong about the need to be spanked?. When was it decided that spanking was something to be ashamed of ?.

I still remember to this day the first time I got my first spanking. She was a pro, I summon all my courage and made that appointment, then I basically paid a lady to take down my trousers, put me over knee and spank me until I could not take anymore... two things happened in this session, "one" I have never felt such a sense of relief in my life :) and "two" I made a promise to myself that this had to always be part of my life from that moment on, to say I had an "epiphany" is an understatement.

I was single at the time, but later that year I met a lady that I wanted to have a relationship with. I met her on a normal dating site and she had no idea about spanking. After we had been together for 3 months, i told her I was a switch and what that meant. She loved the idea, and it went on to become one of the best relationship of my life. Sadly however for other reasons it didn't workout, but again I have swore to be honest with the next one, because how can I go through my life denying my need for spanking ?

All to often I read of men and women sneaking behind there partners backs who really want to be involved in spanking, why do we do this ?? surely spanking cannot now be viewed as some awful thing in this day and age can it?? When we engage in a sexual relationship, we communicate our wants and needs to that person, if the lady or a man likes certain toys in the bedroom then that is perfectly acceptable, so why is it so underground to want to spank or be spanked ?. Should we really hide it from the person we love ??

As I have said, I for one will never hide it again from a partner, in fact recently I have been chatting with a beautiful lady who has taught me so much about myself. She has been incredible, she has allowed me to explore deep inside myself without judgment, she has encouraged me to take another step further into my needs and wants, and I am certainly a better person for knowing her. The best of it was I was meant to be teaching her about this life, but in fact she has been teaching me and she is not even my partner, but just great friends. Again my lesson is, if I had never been honest with her, I never would have never experienced this at all. So now you can see the point I am trying to make.

I think maybe the world we live in would be a lot better place if we all celebrated our individual needs and wants, instead of driving them underground into a world of secrecy. I know we maybe all need to keep some of this life we lead away from the judgments of society to protect our jobs and so forth, but should we really keep it hidden from the people we love most ?..

I would love to hear your views on this

Happy spanks folks

BB (sorry for the grammar if it is wrong, but I am dyslexic)

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Slight pressure, I hear the bell and know that it is now too late, I’m committed
The arrival
As I stand waiting, I contemplate whether I should just turn and run, but no, deep down I know that the punishment I am to receive is necessary and deserved, it must be, Emma stated so in her letter.
I take in my surroundings, so familiar, I have been here before. The house is large but not imposing, detached, probably built during the 1940’s, unassuming, in fact it could be anyone’s. But it’s not anyone’s! How little others know of what happens within these walls.
Then, I hear movement and in a heartbeat the door opens and she is there, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
I am invited in and I follow her to the kitchen. I know where I am, I shudder briefly as I pass the long hallway to my right. I see the door at the end, I recognise the door, I have passed through it before and I know what lies behind it, the ‘punishment room’.
Time for the pleasantries, I am offered a hot drink which I accept, and she gestures for me to move to the large refectory table which dominates the kitchen. My mouth is dry and I almost burn it with scalding hot tea as I try to provide moisture.
‘You have something for me?’ she asks. I hand her the letter and the package and watch her closely as she opens the envelope and examines the content. I continue to watch, taking in her expression as Emma’s instructions become clear. As she reads I am captivated by her beauty, she is in her late thirties, long blond hair neatly arranged in a pony-tail with a complexion other women would die for. She is dressed ‘classic business’ style, with a contoured skirt, white blouse and what I assume are stockings. Her long legs are punctuated with black heels.
She picks up the package and our eyes meet as she begins to separate the layers of wrapping, ‘Emma is very unhappy with you Ricky you’re out of control aren’t you’? I feel my mouth opening as I respond weakly, what can I say, I am here, does that not speak volumes?
The content of the package is now revealed and she holds the paddle firmly, studying its shape and feeling its balance.
Her expression is unsympathetic and forbidding ‘It is time you were, how can I say; recalibrated. Emma wants this and it is my responsibility to bring you back into control; do you understand’? I nod, unable to find any words to mitigate what is now inevitable. She continued ‘Emma has asked that I punish you severely, you know why, don’t you Ricky’? With that she raises herself from the table and points towards the hallway, ‘You know the way Ricky, the end door, strip to your briefs and wait for me’
The Punishment Room
It’s like the ‘Green Mile’ as I slowly make my way down the hallway until I reach the door. The handle is cold and as I turn it, I hear the catch. The door is stiff but with gentle force it opens and I am confronted with the full reality of my situation.
It is dark and out of instinct I reach for the light switch; god! I know where it is, have I really been here enough times for it to be that familiar?
The room is large with soft carpet, the initial darkness a product of the plain blackout curtains shrouding the huge bay window.
I scan the room, reacquainting myself with the contents, sofa, armchair, bookcase, but wait, that wasn’t there last time. There in the centre, a bench, not a seating bench but one designed for one purpose only.
I could see that the bench, about waist height and of a heavy wooden construction had been designed and constructed for restraint. That was its function. With its padded cover and heavy leather straps for the ankles and wrists it could have no other purpose. Neatly placed across it was something I recognised instantly, a cane!!
I stood for a moment shaking, fear, that’s what it was, plain and simple I was frightened!!
I moved to the corner of the room where the armchair was placed, I need to undress. Slowly I start stripping, trainers, socks, a little trouble as I fumble with the button on my jeans but eventually they are off. My top next and I am now down to my briefs. I feel an edge of discomfort, Emma had been very specific on what I was to wear and in response to me continuing to buy and wear lingerie she had selected a pair of lightweight white lace panties which she had previously caught me wearing, these would afford me little protection from the punishment to come.
I placed my clothes neatly on the armchair and moved over to the bench to investigate further. I picked up the cane, rattan, with a darkness in colour I had not seen before. It had weight and as I clutched it between my hands I measured the flex throughout its length. This was a serious instrument and as I placed it back on the bench, my bottom tightened and I became aware that yet again I was trembling uncontrollably.
And so it begins
When will it start? When will it end? I crossed the room over to the bookcase and studied the titles, ‘The art of discipline’; ‘The complete guide to spanking’. I reached out nervously and selected one of the books, ‘Dresseuses d'hommes’!
As I did so I heard the door catch, the door opened and she was with me, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
As she stood in the doorway I knew that what lay ahead would change me. Emma was obviously determined this time.
She walked over and confronted me, ‘So Ricky, have you found anything of interest’? I was speechless! Official in her attire, stern and foreboding she gestured towards the bench. ‘Ricky, do you know why you are to be punished, do you understand how severe it has to be this time’? I was weak with my response, embarrassed standing there in lace panties, so inappropriate, but she seems oblivious to that. I muttered some form of an apology, probably for every misdemeanour I have ever committed in my life. ‘Did you read Emma’s letter Ricky, before you came here’? I confirmed that I had been shown the letter, in order to understand why the need for discipline, ‘Yes Miss’, I responded.
‘Do you know that Emma phoned me after you had left’, ‘why’ I questioned, ‘Emma has personally asked me to administer my own brand of discipline, to be creative, do you know what that means Ricky’? I shook my head, unable to grasp the seriousness of the position I was now in, words again deserted me.
‘It means Ricky that I have Emma’s full authority to punish you without mercy and trust me, that is my intention’.
She took my hand, it was shaking along with the rest of my body as she guided me towards the bench.

As we moved closer to the bench I turned, faced her and in an attempt to appease, pleaded with her, ‘please, please, don’t beat me too severely’. ‘Sorry Ricky, it has to be’, she smiled, picked up the cane and placed it almost ceremoniously on the armchair.
‘You need to go over the bench now Ricky’. I felt the softness of her hand between my shoulder blades as she gently eased me forward, placing me across the waiting structure.
Once positioned, she moved in to restrain me and at that point I realised that Emma had finally and fully tired of me and that the severity of the impending punishment would be of a level I had never before experienced.
I felt the heavy leather straps being tightened around my ankles and then my wrists.
I was now in her domain, her world and there was no escape, no words that I could possibly use to prevent the punishment that was to come.
She walked softly to the armchair, picked up the cane and returned to my waiting body, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
‘Ricky, I think we’re ready, shall we begin’?

To be continued

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I figure I would stay on the blog while I receive my whooping, I have permission, so I'm bent over the arm of the couch waiting for the first swat, he goes fast so it's 10 at a time. Here it comes, ouch! , first 10 down, 2nd 10 ,3rd 10 , 4th 10 down, ass is very red, it's already bruised from the switch yesterday, and I know it's coming again, I'm bent over his knee receiving 3minute hand, it almost hurts worse than the belt, ok, bending over and grabbing my ankles for a paddle, no switch today, ouch ouch ouch, no mercy shown at all, beaten till tears flew, one more day of this and I'm done, not looking forward to tonight, I have plans to Fuck today as well, I'll just bend her over and Fuck her from behind so she doesn't see lol

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Morning guys, hope everybody's morning is going to go better than mine, I'm getting a discipline spanking this morning, I've had one every morning and night for the last 3 days for a video of me giving 2 of my friends head ended up on snapchat, we all had a bit to drink , and while I was giving one of them head the other wanted to record it, I didn't care, but my disciplinarian saw it, and wasn't amused, my butt was already sore from the sex we had that night, but he came over and beat my ass pretty good, it's been a rough few days for my ass, getting switched and belted twice a day has definitely made me think twice, I just figured I'd check in while I lay here naked with this belt across my ass waiting for my spanking

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There, at my front door, she was standing there at my front door! My girl, the girl who had been so excited to move from the East to the Midwest so we could start our lives together, the girl I went back and forth across country to be with, who I talked to every day… until one Tuesday a 4 word text, then Wednesday’s 5 word text, finally crowned with Thursday’s “I’ve been talking to someone here and I’ve been rethinking our relationship……” She was standing in front of me. It didn’t matter how badly I had been hurt or the anger or the grief I had gone through, she was here. She was here and I loved her like no one before.
“What are you…how did you find the house?”
“GPS. The longer we didn’t talk the more I wanted you. It got to the point where I had trouble doing any because my head was filled with you. Can you forgive me?”
I grabbed her in an embraces that was so passionate we both came close to falling off the front steps.
“God yes I forgive you, I would forgive you anything. Suitcase?”
I grabbed her wrist and started pulling her to my bed room. “We need to have a ‘talk!’ “
“Honneeey, you said you forgave me.”
“I do but you have no idea of the pain & grief, the anger, the wishing you had just killed me instead of saying that to me. It can’t be right with us as long as I have all that locked inside of me and it’s coming out and going away right now!” I ushered her into the bedroom pushing the door close shutting out the dogs. I walked over and grabbed the solid wooden hairbrush instead of the hollow bodied blue plastic one. The blue one was for fun. She was standing there at the foot of the bed.
“Baby I am sooo sorry. I know you must have been hurt”
“Devastated or crushed”
“Please daddy not to hard!” The tears, tears of real remorse were running down her face.
I snatched her shorts and panties down and yanked her over one knee so that her torso was on the bed, her bottom over my knee and her feet on the floor. “Sweetheart, this isn’t about what you deserve or punishment, this is about me getting rid of all the ugly, painful feeling inside of me, purging that pain on your butt. Grab a pillow.” I brought the brush down hard on her bare bottom, I tried to hold myself back but as the emotions of loss, confusion, betrayal and the tears the brush came harder and faster. Harder and faster that I had ever spanked anyone, harder and faster that I thought I could spank anyone. I was so in the zone that her cries were background noise, I was focused on her behind turning darker from red to a beet purple. Finally she broke. Her body went limp and she was just sobbing. No kicking, no twisting, just laying the taking what I gave and sobbing.
Suddenly my arm started to ache and the hairbrush fell from my hand. There were tears running into my mouth, tears from my eyes, my shoulders were heaving, I was sobbing too. I lay down beside my love, I held her, we cried for a while. When we were breathing normally, holding each other as if we were afraid we would vanish she looked at me.
“Daddy, may I suck your cock now”
“Yes, baby, please do.” She slid between my legs and all we were back to the place we both wanted to be.

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That's right everyone. Sunday evening at 6pm eastern time we will be having an open mic night! Post your poetry, limerick's or spanking stories following our opening post. Everyone is welcome to attend. Coffee and the best hot chocolate ever will be free to all participants. Please come and join us.

P.S. On a side note thank you for those that messaged me and asked about Spanko City. I really thought it was long since gone. I have not been feeling great but if ya'll want to continue then that's fine with me. Just maybe we can tone down the bratting a tad lol. Hmmm that being said. Where is Ditzy at? Its been to quiet.

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