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Videos should be posting. It's slow, but it's the site and not me.

I'm gonna take a little break from here for now, but I'll catch y'all later. :)

Hearts*Hugs*Happy Spankings

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On the face of it, it’s a very typical Latin-American laundry room / workshop / garden shed: washing machine in one corner, clothesline under the banana tree, tools and gardening stuff on a bench, all wide open to the open air.
But right there, in plain view, hangs what looks like a cane. Almost a metre of some vine, rattan-like though not rattan, peeled, varnished, and hanging by a leather loop. Twisted, thick as my thumb, and thoroughly evil-looking to anyone who’s ever been caned. When something looks so much like a cane, maybe it is a cane?
Handy nearby there’s a concrete bench like the kind the Russians chain people to for a beating.
Also nearby, a couple of the pillars that hold up the roof sport a good, sturdy hook some two metres off the ground - a good height for restraining someone with their wrists above their head, right?
Not only that, all this stuff is located beside a locked door protected by a keypad.
What might they have in there that needs security like that? When all the tools are lying around outside anyway? Canes hanging handy, ready to use. Whipping posts all set up waiting. What else do you need? Obviously, a dungeon.
And the party sounds we have heard occasionally from over in that direction? Those must not have been ordinary parties after all. It wasn’t the din of people drinking too much and talking too loudly, or rather not only that.
The party sounds could have been doing a great job of masking the crack! crack! crack! of that stiff heavy cane whacking cruelly onto the naked bottoms of the victims bound over that hard concrete bench. Their groans and cries would just have blended in to the background roar.
Loud laughter could have been masking the wails of the ones strung up by their wrists to those sturdy hooks and whipped with a length of clothesline till their bodies writhed and twisted in the futile struggle to escape the searing lashes.
As for whatever was going on inside the dungeon, no white noise needed to blot out those sounds. The sadists could inflict pain in whatever sadistic ways they chose, and the victims would shriek in vain. No chance of their cries bringing anyone to rescue them from the torment they were suffering in there.
Wow! Yes! What wonderful parties those must be!
I wonder how I can get invited . . . .

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Oh, my goodness, I went to the Enigma Club last night for a live performance. I brought my old buddy Sam. We used to cruise the bars in downtown Fayetteville, when we were just a couple of young paratroopers at Fort Bragg. We had some wild times, but nothing—I mean nothing!—like what I saw at the Enigma last night.

On stage, a young woman wearing nothing but a leather hood over her face was tied to a whipping post and flogged. I suppose I could tell you about her slender body jerking galvanic under the lash, but let’s hold that thought for a moment.

After the show, she was taken backstage, and I never saw her again. We stayed and drank and flirted with the bar girls for a couple of hours. But as I was leaving, the doorman followed us out onto the street. He called out, and then he approached, and handed me an envelope. In that envelope was a most intriguing letter. I reproduce it here, in its entirety:

“I saw you there, at your table, watching me. I wear a mask, but I can see through the slits. I see your fascination. I can almost smell the lust. Your friend, the one who sat with you tonight, he has a kind of brashness that some of the girls are drawn to. They flutter about him like moths around a yard light. One sat on your lap and tried to entice you.

“But you couldn’t look away from me, could you? When Jim tore into me with his whip, you were agog. I felt the heat of your eyes like lasers, so intense.

“Some people look away, you know? Some people look down at their feet. Some people shift uncomfortably in their chairs. But most just stare. Dull, lifeless stares, but you, handsome man, you sit there and you burn.

“How I wish you could see me now, in front of my dresser, with a crisp, long-sleeved blouse, the cuffs and the collar buttoned tight.

“The cuffs and the collar—oh, the irony of that! Right now, the only things visible are my face, with my hair pulled back tight, my hands, and the wedding band. Do you want to talk about bondage? How can just a little ring hold a soul captive? And torture...what pain, what ache, what thirst can rival what I feel?

“He sleeps night after night in the cold. No passion. He slakes himself and rolls off of me.Wham-bam! That’s it. If he just wants a warm body, he should go fuck a whore.

“I want the passion I see in your face. I want a chest that heaves the way yours does. Let me be your captive princess. Chain me and torment me. As long as I’m crying in pain, I know you’re watching me. Whip me like a slave and then ravish me. Let the blood from my back stain your sheets as your seed dries on my thighs.

“Come back. In a fortnight, dear man, after my wounds have healed, and I’ll be ready to stand at the post again. I want you there, watching. I want you to see me as I am. No crisp white blouse to cover me—only the collar and cuffs to hold me. And even though you won’t see my face, you will see my soul.

“I look into this mirror, and I don’t even see who I am. I need to see myself reflected in your eyes.”

Oh, yeah, I’ll be going back.

Brit Spank
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So...this site is wonderful but it takes forever to publish/post videos. I've already posted them, they're just waiting approval?
I posted my videos on my Tumblr
(Baybeegirl87) and wouldn't ya know it...they posted immediately! Imagine that! Lol
I've still got 2 more long videos to edit and my written account but here's progress. Hope you enjoy!

Hugs and Happy Spankings!

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To the little boys that keep sending me messages about you spanking me, I DO NOT GET SPANKED, I ONLY GIVE THEM. So any little boy that keeps on asking, you are a Jack to me, no need for me to tell you what your last name is. So to all Jacks, you will never beat this ass, you have a better chance at beating your lil penis.
To my future, Past and Present Micheals. If I have spanked you already, that is the only reason why I had to delete you as a friend, since i dont want any1 to know that i have spanked you. But i will continue to give out very loving and caring otk spankings to you. So let me know if you would like to apply for the position over my knee.

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On reflection, I am taking down my "graphic novel" Laundry Room Fantasy. I've decided crazyeuphoria had a point, and that the suggestion of torture was stronger than I intended. The scene I depicted was supposed to be just role-playing fun, but maybe I didn't make that clear enough.
It was also, of course, a slander against a perfectly innocent laundry room, so the tiny possibility of the place somehow being recognised from the pictures is another reason for it to go.
Thank you for your input, crazyeuphoria.
Thank you for your kind words, C and Jim.

Brit Spank
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I went shopping in my green tights and white sweater with my favorite spanking boots! I got plenty of attention and quite a few comments during the day long shopping trip. My neighbor saw me come home from shopping dressed like this and he told me I should not be going shopping dressed like this! I told him that I went to 3 stores and the mall for the entire day dressed this way. I ended up over his knee for a spanking. he warned me that I should never do that again! I loved the spanking and I'm not sure I can stop wearing this wonderful outfit to go shopping! This is such a wonderful comfortable feeling to shop this way!

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Been out the loop for a little while but I have been on here lol... so don't feel the need to spank me cause I haven't been on here as much lol... been crazy busy between work school shoots and family issues.

I have been getting spanked here and their but it's a slow process as I'm getting back into the lifestyle. And having someone new to the lifestlye makes it a little tougher but I'm hanging in their. Had a crisis where my life was almost taken then other day but I'm grateful that I'm still alive and breathing.

Learning new things everyday and I'm working on dealing with negative things in my life on a positive note. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I have to get back to work TTYL....

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Soemthing I've found is that, paradoxically, the longer we stay in our own social circles, the more convinced we become that we are the norm and the outside world is full of people like us. It's a temptation to assume our own lives and preferences are the standard of what is normal, as if anyone can objectively judge that.
So, I want a range of opinions from you lovely people as well as those I know who are not at all into this lifestyle: Just how mainstream are we spanking enthusiasts at this point? Spanking has made a big combeack in no small part thanks to 50 Shades of Grey (the quality of the work and the effect it has had are not proportional, but there we go.) We have seen quite a few more nods towards it in pop culture. i've spotted a few articles in publications talking about the author's spanking fetish, torn between self acceptance and fear of social disapproval - there are quite a few out there.
But there are just as many pieces deriding spanking in any form as abusive, and the 'victims' as having 'internalised misogny' or some such behaviour. I have noticed such do tend assume a male 'abuser' and female 'victim'. Make of this what you will.
So, any thoughts or opinions to share on where we stand generally right now?

Brit Spank
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Good moaning Spankos! I recently was reading blogs from other spankos on ST, and found it interesting that a lot of the viewers here don’t think the spankings or videos are and I quote
“Real Life Spankings”

That’s crazy, because when I received my spankings, and I cannot speak for anyone else here, mines were all real spanking sessions, and that’s probably why a lot of them are not recorded! I don’t role play, and I don’t feel a need too. Real, raw, and uncut is what you will get from me, and if you get a video, I hope you appreciate them, because my disciplinarian doesn’t like to make videos, because he doesn’t want me on display like that, and I completely understand, but he’s coming around and starting to understand the importance of videos for me.

I share my lifestyle because I want too, not because I have too. I just need a new camera! And I have bought a few, but didn’t like those either!Just wandering can anyone tell me where I can get a good camera? Any suggestions?

Also most of the time I’m getting my behind tore up is because I have a bad temper, and an attitude and smart mouth---according to my disciplinarian lol, but I beg to differ, I think I can have a smart mouth when provoked, but that’s neither here or there.

I think I’m going to try restraints again just to see how much I can take without being able to grab and rub my ass ;) this might be a mistake but I’m willing to try. Another question that was asked to me was…. why do I let men hit me or spank me like that? Trust all my spankings are consensual, even the ones that you saw me in regardless if you see me fighting to save my ass, it is consensual always! I get spanked because I live a domestic disciplined lifestyle aka dd lifestyle, which means I will be getting spanked the rest of my life! I love to be across a Spankers knee, there’s no place I would rather be.

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Diese Anzeige bei Spanking-Kontakte fand ich sehr interessant:

"spanke gern, 39 Jahre, 99 Erfurt, 24.04.2016, Privat, Chiffre: 11781

Putzjunge gesucht

Hallo. Ich habe viele Stärken. Aber Ordnung halten und sauber machen gehören leider nicht dazu. Deshalb suche ich einen gewissenhaften Putzjungen (es darf aber auch ein Mädchen sein), der von Zeit Zeit bei mir vorbei kommen möchte, meine Wohnung aufräumt und gründlich sauber macht. Um mich erkenntlich zu zeigen, versohle ich dir deinen Hintern - soweit möglich - nach deinen Vorstellungen. Bei ungenügender Arbeitsleistung gibt es allerdings richtig böse was hinten drauf. Noch ein paar Punkte vorab: ich erwarte echte Arbeitsbereitschaft. Sex ist ausgeschlossen. Falls du das möchtest, kannst du deine Arbeit nackt verrichten. Alles weiteren Wünsche und Vorstellungen klären wir per Mail."

Leider zu weit weg von mir. Aber vielleicht ein nettes Motiv für bisher noch nicht spankinginteressierte Frauen sich entsprechend sehnsüchtiger Männer anzunehmen. Bloß die Frage, wie man die erreichen könnte.

Am besten wäre wohl Verbreitung über soziale Netzwerke (FB). Kann man ja auch als Gag posten. Die Idee ist damit gesäht.

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Guess no one in Tulsa can handle me

Brit Spank
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as ya all know I have a "Daddy".. as u also know.. he really doesn't give me what I need or deserve even tho we r supposed to have a domestic discipline relationship... I bring this up because today I did some things that I KNOW if id been in a relationship with someone else id probably most definetly be writing this standin up...

(1) I'm am not a liar.. I detest liars but for some reason today I told a lie n to make it worse I got caught in it too ( work related)

(2) then I have been tryin to lose weight n today I was pissed at myself for the work issue so I bought myself a candy bar.. not a average size one but a SUPER BIG one n ate the whole dang thing in one settin..

(3) n then the combination of the two screws ups led me to do somethin I usually do when I'm pissed at myself or get very upset...

three reasons to be mad at myself... three reasons that I feel deserve punishment ... three things that wont go any further than this wall on writin on but I had to get it off my chest just the same...

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So today I allowed my attitude to get the best of me, and Junior surprised me after he got off of work and gave me a tough maintenance session, now I have to go to work with a sore bottom and it will remind me all night, to keep my attitude in check! you live and you learn, and if you have a smart mouth you get the burn!!!! Grad school has been challenging, but with 1 week left in my current class my overall grade is still at an A...So, i may be a little naughty, but overall I am a good girl! ;) I didnt want to upload this because i need a new camera, but i did anyway, so enjoy at my expense!


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I am just curious, but are any of my ST friends out there located in the San Antonio, TX area?

Brit Spank
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I have been somewhat naughty, if not to say very naughty the past week and I know that my wife is going to adress this at any time soon.
I know I deserve to be punished and I know I will be recieving a good hard bare bottom spanking from my wife within a couple of days.
I know this because my wife shows of a destinct pattern when she is going to give me a spanking.

She has gotten firmer with me the past couple of days, letting me know that she is not satisfied with my behavior. She has begun to give me little smacks on my bottom, telling me to be a good boy or I will get a spanking. These things have during the past 3 years always ended with me getting my bare bottom spanked long and hard over my wifes knees and I know that is what will happen soon.

I know what is comming and I am feeling both excited and scared of the prospect of getting a long hard punishment spanking over my wifes knees.

Excited because I get to see her in her black leather pants when she is going to spank me and because I love to be over her knees like the naughty little boy I am.
Scared because I know that a punishment spanking over my wifes knees, will result in me sobbing like a naughty little boy over his strict mothers knees.

It is real life spankings my wife gives me and with the wooden bathbrush and her otk cane, she quickly turnes me into a very sorry little boy. And she does not stop spanking me until I am laying limb over her knees with tears streaming down my cheeks, hearing me sobbing and bawling my eyes out.

I soo dread the pain and sting that my wife delivers to my bare bottom using the bathbrush and cane, but I know that I deserve it. So I will be on edge until my wife decides it is time for me, to pay the price of behaving like a spoiled naughty little boy.

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Some of you know me please request Mr as a friend again had to update could use that spank

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I have always enjoyed wearing leotards and tights! I have been wearing them since I was 12 years old and I really started to enjoy them as a teen. That's when I realized the special feeling of the tightness and smoothness of the material on my skin. The soft caress of a leotard and tights hugging my body! It was when I was a teen that I first realized how it affects guys when you wear a leotard and tights around them. It got me a lot of attention!!!! Then as an adult i discovered the incredible sensation of getting a nice hard spanking in my leotard and tights! The feeling is amazing!!! The sensation of the caress of the leotard and tights as my butt heats up from a hard spanking and I feel the tingle of my skin against the soft stretchy material of the leotard and tights! It's a truly amazing experience that I love so much!

Brit Spank
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I'm in class, and I've been testing my teacher all week. Showing up to class late, talking out of turn during lessons, and flirting with the boys. It's a private school and uniforms are proper protocol, but my skirts have been getting shorter by the week. He has warned me several times that I'd better get it together or face the consequences. I decided to face the consequences, I mean how bad could a little detention be?
So, today right when I entered my class room I felt his eyes sliding over my legs, body, and knew he noticed I shortened my skirt again. He said, "Ms. McCann, I'd like to see you after school is out today in my private office." "For your sake you'd better be prompt!" I said my necessary "Yes Sir," but had a smirk on my face I didn't think he could see.
I was nervous all day, and didn't know why I should be so worried over a little after school detention time; however, there was something in his eyes, face, and tone of voice that was different than any other time I'd gotten into a bit of trouble with a teacher (even him).
He continued to work for 5 more minutes while I waited hands laced together, and face looking at the floor.
Finally he spoke to me. "Ms. McCann what have I told you about uniform regulations, home work, speaking in class, flirting with boys, and the importance of being on time to class?"
I said, "Our skirts must be to the middle of our knee caps, camisoles with bras are to be worn under our white uniform top for modesty, and not to talk in class."
"What about the flirting Ms. McCann?"
"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot." "You said class was not the time or place for that type of behavior Sir."
"What about being promptly on time?"
"Gosh, I'm sorry Sir." "You've also given me several warnings for tardiness."
"Ms. McCann, you're going to be a lot more sorry before I'm done with you.....believe that!"
"Ms. McCann what do you think the appropriate punishment should be?" I can make a phone call to your parents, and notify the principle of your bratty behavior, or you can take the punishment I decide upon."
"Oh PLEASE Sir don't call my parents, and the principle will have me in detention for weeks!"
"Ms. McCann, I plan on giving you a bare bottomed spanking to teach you a lesson." "Do you understand me?" "Are you sure of your choice?":
"Um, Um, well, I guess, well, yes I understand sir."
"You must say it out loud Ms. McCann."
"I will be receiving a bare bottom spanking for all my misdeed as punishment from you."
"Correct Ms. McCann." "You will learn to be a better student, a better person, and that stubborn streak will be spanked away." "Do you understand me?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir."
He had me over his knee with my panties off in no time. He spanked me with firm hard slaps keeping his fingers closed together as not to leave finger marks on my pale skin. He rubbed my bottom in between spanks every so often, and let his fingers dip/slip over my sweetly glazed clit and pussy. I had an earth shattering orgasm before he finished spanking me. "You will report to my office once a week for maintenance spankings Ms. McCann." "I believe you need them to keep you in line." However, if you disrupt classes at all in anyway you can expect a spanking for the sake of discipline alone." "I will use my hand to warm you up, them my ruler to push you to tears, kicking your legs, and begging, then my belt will come off or my paddle out of my desk to warm your ass up so much you're crying and screaming for me to stop." Is that understood Ms. McCann?" " sir." "Ok then off you go." He helps me off his lap, and pulls up my panties, but not before touching my most private areas once more, and rubbing my ass cheeks again.
Just a little teasing story, but yet a turn on even writing it. Hope you enjoy

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I wish I had a sugar daddy who could meet me around my schedule. i take care of my mom who needs practically around the clock care or at least wants someone here around the clock. She pays crap and I rarely get time to myself but my selfish siblings only think they're worth something. These are the people who she doted on and loved and would still do anything for. Life's unfair when I don't even have $20 bucks to buy a cleaner for my laptop that will fall apart if I don't get it and am stuck with a crappy phone company because that's all I can afford. Just ranting since I know nothing's for free and most sugar daddies will only pay peanuts for sex.

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