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I'll get back to ya soon.

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I just read this article online and wanted to get your opinion on it

Why you should not withhold spanking!

Submitted by The Boss on Sat, 29/11/2003 - 17:37

In the first article in this series, I said that many women want to be under the loving, protective dominant control of their man. In the second, I argued that being taken in hand is not just a game, but that it is erotic. You might want to read the first two articles before you read this one.

“If a woman finds the idea of “getting a hiding” erotic, how can it also ”work” to modify her behaviour? Spanking would be a reward, not a punishment!”
Punishment implies subjecting a person to pain, confinement, or some other disagreeable consequence such as confiscation of something that person values, or being made to do something unpleasant, like writing lines or a letter to the tax people. Doing something the person loves would appear to be counterproductive: how could something the person loves be unpleasant for them?

Is it that punishment spanking is to non-punitive spanking what rape is to consensual sex? You can love sex but find rape unbearable.

No, that comparison does not hold up under scrutiny. In the case of real, non-fantasy/fun rape, the woman absolutely does not want it, and if she could avoid it, and never experience it, she would. By contrast, plenty of women do long for their husbands to take them in hand. Such women may feel “unwillingness” and “fear” in association with a serious spanking, but nothing like the very real fear and non-consent a woman who has no interest in being taken in hand would feel. In that case, the spanking is abuse. In the first case, the woman finds the possibility that she could be taken in hand erotic, and on some level she really wants it, “unwillingness” notwithstanding.

But if it is erotic, how can it possibly work to modify the woman's future behaviour? If you want to punish people, you impose a negative consequence on them, you don't give them something they have been longing for for the last thirty years. So men new to these ideas often decide that the punishment they will give their women is not to spank them. They withhold spanking. If taking a woman in hand were simply about using punishment as a deterrent, then this would make sense. But it is not that simple.

The underlying aim of all this is to create and maintain a good relationship—an evolving, ever-improving, intimately-connected relationship in which problems get solved and the partners retain sexual desire for each other. It is not about knocking a faulty woman into shape. If it were, why should any man want such a tiresome burden? Why not just get a dog? And how many men would feel perfect enough to stand in judgement over their woman? Let's face it, chaps, more often than not, she is a lot more sensible, reasonable, capable, and responsible than he is, so presumably she would have her hands full knocking the faulty man into shape too!

Whilst some women do valiantly take on that gargantuan task, in many cases, that is not what happens, and no matter how many glaring faults in need of correction the man has, he is nevertheless the one in control. That is what both of them want. And it can make the difference between an unfulfilling, lifeless relationship, and a vibrant, sexually and emotionally fulfilling one that facilitates the growth of both persons.

Friendships can be close and intimate and fruitful, as can parent-child relationships. What distinguishes a friendship from an “intimate relationship” is the sexual element. Maintaining high contrast between the man and the woman is sexy. The more similar the man and the woman become, the more indistinguishable they are, the less interesting they become to each other, and the less they desire each other. When a man is dominant, and not just as a bedroom game—when the woman feels his authority all the time, when she knows that he will not hesitate to take her in hand if he thinks it necessary—the woman's desire for the man is phenomenally intense. She is aware of his otherness, his masculinity, his power. This prevents her from feeling like his mother, his boss or his teacher, and thereby losing desire for him. The man in turn feels more desire for the woman. Instead of turning the man off by reminding him of his controlling mother, boss or teacher, the woman remains a woman to him. Their connection is better in every way.

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But that's not all. One of the problems of conventional relationships is that small errors in signalling and interpretation lead to huge fights and, worse, to withdrawal and stonewalling. The most trivial problem can turn into an all-out war. Even tiny accidents and misunderstandings can set off a chain of events leading to an out-of-control downward spiral of ill-will and misery. You think he is being unfriendly (when in fact he is just preoccupied) so you are slightly less friendly yourself. He subconsciously notices your slight negativity, and responds more guardedly than he would otherwise have done. You think he is being unpleasant and can't understand why, and you feel annoyed and respond accordingly. He thinks your evident annoyance is out of order and becomes annoyed himself. And pretty soon you have a fight on your hands. …. And all because of a tiny mistake in your interpretation of his state of mind at the beginning of the interaction. Unfortunately, many conventional couples simply have no means of arresting such downward spirals of bad feeling.

One of the most important benefits of the kind of relationship we talk about on Taken In Hand is that it embodies powerful error correction. No, I do not refer to the errors of the allegedly faulty woman, I am talking about the tiny errors in signalling and interpretation—the little misunderstandings that happen between people all the time—that can so often end up in what feels like a descent into hell.

Instead of allowing little problems to metastasise into misery, accusations, fighting, or icy silence, the dominant man can use serious discipline or some other way of expressing his authority to invoke the relationship. Instead of withdrawing and breaking their connection, he can, through taking or re-establishing control, highlight and re-affirm his commitment to their relationship. Taking a woman in hand is a way of invoking the relationship that can be done without losing face, without any damage to his pride or ego, and without any emasculating grovelling to the woman or loss of power on his part. Through this action, he signals to the woman that he is ready to put the troublesome issue behind them rather than dwelling on it, fighting about it, sulking or stonewalling. It minimises if not eliminates the build-up of niggling resentment that can do so much damage to relationships.

He is also re-affirming his love for the woman and his trust in her. In asserting his authority and requiring his woman to submit to a serious spanking, he is trusting that she will submit rather than call the police or tell him where to stick it. This is a powerful symbol of his commitment to the relationship, and in a way, the more serious and real the discipline he is imposing, the more he is reaching out to his woman.

Similarly, when a woman submits even to serious and possibly painful discipline, she thereby affirms her acceptance of her man's authority as the head of their household. This is a powerful statement of her love of him, and (whether she admits it or not!) of her submission to him as her man. In consenting to the discipline he wants her to accept (even if she doth protest!), she is likewise signalling her willingness to put the matter behind them instead of allowing it to pollute their interactions in the future.

Just as the man's actions are a way of reaching out to the woman, so her submission amounts to reaching out to her man. This tells the man loud and clear that their relationship is very precious to her. In putting herself in his hands, she shows that she belongs to him and totally trusts him. She is showing that she considers their connection more important than any particular disagreement or other issue they might have. She is raising a white flag and diffusing any potential hostility before it becomes an ugly confrontation. Submitting to her man's authority, even if that means a serious spanking, is an affirmation of the relationship. It communicates her love.

Much of the communication in a serious spanking is tacit, not explicit, but it is important, valuable communication nonetheless. And how much more fun it is than a horrible war of words—in retrospect if not at the time! A serious spanking is a short, sharp, dramatic way of settling a matter. It clears the air. It gets any bad feeling out of the couple's systems, and it often leads to passionate sex which is, I'm sure you'll agree, a very much underrated cure for most of life's ills (or at least ill-feelings)! Then, when the two individuals are feeling good about each other again, they can then talk constructively if anything remains to be resolved after the spanking.

The way serious disciplinary spanking works is not by acting as a deterrent, but in this more indirect way. Paradoxically, its effect is positively encouraging rather than negatively deterring. It re-affirms each partner's love, commitment to, and trust of the other, and repairs any break in their connection. It represents the man's authority and thereby helps to keeps the sexual tension white hot. It makes the woman feel an incredible sense of peace, contentment, and passionate love, and that makes her want to do anything and everything she can to please her man. And when his woman loves to please him and is peaceful, happy and always wanting him, the man is happy and relaxed too.

So if you are new to this kind of relationship and you are thinking that surely it would be more effective to withhold spanking, because your woman loves to be spanked, that reasoning is understandable, but it is a huge mistake. Spanking is not compulsory, and there are other forms of discipline and other ways of expressing your authority, but to withhold spanking in order to punish her is a psychologically violent act. It raises walls between you; it is taking a step away from your relationship; it is a declaration of hostilities. The primary object is not actually punishment, it is your sexual and emotional connection. Giving her a good spanking can solve a problem quickly and cleanly and works for your connection; withholding spanking works against it.

Brutal Punishments
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she didn't make a try
after saying bye
only knows i'll die

said her most fears to lose one she love
slayed my heart and stepped above
now no matter being tough just pathos love
my last days are tough
the previous lakes lauph
who knows me knew i used to be lonely deliver happiness while my cold heart carries sadness only
atonc with shroud of death
alone with no one to bless
stolen my life from grief
struggling insomnia cause when sleeping dreams with my life in brief
what a cruel moment the royal lion have to face !
his passing away case
leaving the glory believing will be forgottin
when i die your prayers for me are forbidden
enjoy your life and live another story with eden

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Time and time again it seems.
Her only escape is in her dreams.
Colors are vivid and the swats very real.
Pain exquisite and exacting, aches she can almost feel.

No one sees this side of her, no one can guess.
The thoughts that swirl inside as she begins to undress.
Eyes alive yet uncertain, heartbeat fluttering and speedy.
Sassy and mischievous, yes our heroine is needy.

Over the edge of the bathtub, imagining it's a lap.
Her psyche a labyrinth, walls closing into a trap.
No punishing hand or paddle, nor hairbrush or strap.
No standing in the corner, or sent to bed for a nap.

A woman to the world, a child in those dreams.
Falsely composed, never disciplined for her schemes.
Finally thoroughly punished, her bottom gets hotter and hotter.
Such are her thoughts as she sinking into the steamy bathwater.

Brutal Punishments
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Alright personal thoughts. Ideas on Wife Led or Disciplinary Wife Club. I am not sure if anyone is going to read. But this is for my journal - diary - blog.

Wife Led Marriage, WLM is becoming the common, accepted life style. Girls are born with a natural instinct to be care givers and mothers which in a way makes them natural leaders.

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Lets take a typical couple, Andrea and David. They are living the middle class lifestyle. David, learns that his secret about wanting a Disciplinary Wife Club life has been made public by the daughter he raised. He emotionally abandons Andrea and disowns his step daughter. causing Andrea fears if she ever has the opportunity to return to his disciplining her husband, that her therapeutic spankings are no longer given in love but rather given in frustration and anger.

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When they dated David can't do enough for her. he open doors for her and always let her go first. he paid attention to every word she said and they formed a very deep intimate and loving relationship. Then they get married. He well supported Andrea and her daughter. He led his wife with in what he wanted, needed and WLM in a limited areas.

Brutal Punishments
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Now girls if you go on a date with a guy, like David, for the first time, you should not touch a door knob or door handle. you should give the guy a chance to open the door for her. If you ride in his car, when you get to the destination, sit in the car and give the guy a chance to run around the car and open her door and if he doesn't then sit there until he does. establish from the very beginning of their relationship that she is in charge of whatever areas he needs. That you are very special and he is to respect you. you earn this respect by keep his needs private to the public. He is giving you the greatest gift, his trust. Trust is love. whether it is a DWC or WLM relationship, it is your responsibility to keep EVERYONE from knowing or anything of embarrassing him.

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So girls, once you are aware that the boy is looking for a DWC or WLM always keep the WLM. The first thing he should learn is in the areas he needs you to set and enforce boundaries. Make sure that he is aware there is a hairbrush, strap, switch applied to his bare ass for obedience to his boundaries.

In the marriage David is mostly in control of the marriage. he was the male and the proud leader of the marriage. he stayed within the boundaries that he had set and when he did slip, Andrea was waiting with her hairbrush. It was a symbol of her love for her husband. She was there to keep him calm by turning his butt red. She used her hairbrush as a means of therapeutic spankings for his stress release, PTSD anxiety attacks, regrets, occasional spankings to re-affirm her love + commitment, when he crossed the boundaries and behavioral modification. Her hair brushings are quick and full force from the beginning, which was light and needed minimum of physical effort on her part. It was a quick way to get him calm, de-stressed, remorseful and obedient to the boundaries.

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Girls, if your man or husband brings his confession of this desire to you, Andrea prayed and sought for advice from someone she could trust and advices you to do this also. In my limited circle of friends and anonymous email correspondence most I find are very happy in a wife led marriage. Most DWC/WLF marriages are initiated by the husbands with the husbands accepting painful spankings across their buttocks administered by their wives.

Whenever you want to have an intimate conversation with your husband, wait for the opportunity to present itself. He told you that he is going to take a shower. You wait till you think that he is nude and then you enter the room. you want him before he takes a shower, He should be nude with you dressed. This puts you in the dominate position with him in the little boy position. You also want him in the nude so that you can observe his penis while you are talking with him. If he begins to get an erection then you know that what you're saying is exciting him. He can't control his penis but you can with your words. Hey! You got to keep your man excited.

It could go something like this: He is nude and you are dressed. It is the female dominate position and it makes him feel like a little boy. Always try to establish a Mommy Little Boy atmosphere. As little boys, their mothers disciplined them with spankings because they would not pay attention. Does your husband pay attention? Would you like him to?

Explore by joking or playing with him. Like saying in jest, "I should pull your pants down and spank your bare bottom for that remark. In fact, pull your pants down and give him your belt."

Brutal Punishments
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If he goes along with it? Then give him a few light playful smacks then give him one good hard smack that he won't easily forget.

In about two to three weeks later if he mentions the spanking you gave him, then you will know that he is ready to become your disciplined boy and don't disappoint him. Find a reason to take him over your knee and paddle his bare buttocks till they are a bright red.

Men, like David, will endure a harsh spanking from their wives as an expression of love for their Disciplinarian. They know their weaknesses, limitations and some have high stress levels. These men want to be disciplined. Think of all his bad habits that you can now correct and after each spanking, he will thank you and if he doesn't, then tell him he is getting a couple of extra hard spanks, till he does.

Girls, like I was went he first brought this need to me, are reluctant to take the leadership of their marriage, regardless of the amount of the leadership. but in this day and age the leadership position is being thrust upon them. If they want their marriage to survive, then they must take control of their men before someone else does.

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I will be doing 60 mg of time released Adderall when I get paddled tonight. I have noticed in the past, that when I have done amphetamines, my pain tolerance is higher. I can take more severe swats, and much longer sessions with the paddle. Has anyone else noticed this? I am seriously going to try to wear out Megan's arm with my butt.

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If You think You would like to spank me ... HARD ... please message me ...

I will consider submitting to a spanking from anyone ... It may not end up actually happening but
on the other hand it just might!!

I am real and sincere about this.

Any adult living near Durham / Raleigh / Chapel Hill North Carolina who wants to spank me should message me .. Let's talk ... I can take a LOT .. especially wide leather straps and long, big paddles ..

I like implements that cover most of my bottom with every swat



Brutal Punishments
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I recently met Megan, a friend of my neighbor. Somehow the fact that I like to be paddled came up, and she was interested. The first time was tentative, and awkwardfor both of us. The next time she got into, doing quite well for a rookie. Tonight, I am going to try to wear her arm out with my butt. Should be fun.

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Let me talking about miss Nadia she was a very beautiful and sexy Egyptian teacher but she was very hard ,miss Nadia has 2 cane short one and long one ,almost she was using the long one
if any student make a small mistake she usually beat him on his hand by the long cane
But if the mistake is bigger so she was using spanking .
Miss Nadia usually using disk position for spanking by use the long cane and restrict him by 2 of his college ,usually give seven continuous hard strokes for the student, never mind for his crying of the student as here spank was very very painful
Miss Nadia love some student because they are polite and good in the study, she called them the spacial student , she never spank the special student in front of their college , because spanking infront the other student is very embarrassing, so she spank him in here room alone using OTK position and using the short cane ,so the short cane is suitable for OTK position and just for the special student .
I was one of spcial student for miss Nadia , when i got big mistake she taking me to here room ,close the door well, then she set on the chair ,, she said : over my knee and make your buttocks up , I will Doubling the spanking if you make your Buttocks down
I have to obey her orders or I will get more very bad spanking , so i sleep over her knees and rise my buttocks up , my head is down , and my legs are hanging in the air . Now I am ready for the painful spanking , she decide to give me 10 continuos hard strokes, , she start , 1,2,3,4 ,,,,ooooooh the strokes is very painful ,5,6 ,,,, oh ,ooooooh , i put my buttocks down , so she stoped the spanking , she was very angry, she said : make your buttocks up , come on . i was crying saying : please miss Nadia , that enough, I can't taking more strokes , please forgave me
She said : come on , your buttocks must be up or i will spank you on bare buttocks and give you 15 strokes . (By the way , i still over on her knees , you can not scape from her over knees ,but i make may buttocks down ) , so i raise my buttocks up again, she continuos the spanking , 7,8,9,10 .
The spanking was finished , i was crying , the spanking was very painful , she hug me and she said: i love you because you are a spcial student , but you make a big mistake so i had to spank you , promise me don't do that again . I promise i will never to that again , i said
That story done on 1992 when i was child in elementary school , in Egypt.

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...recent arrivals of new paddles and paddling pants

Brutal Punishments
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Broken pieces
Shards of glass
Stepped on

Body limp
Numb limbs
Heart stopped
Beats again

Friendship died
Friends no more
What started nice
Hurt much worse
Pointless caring
Confused feelings
Empty thoughts

It began
Just to end
One last tear
Shed again
Regret and guilt
All consuming
Not forgiving

Free again
Start a new
Be myself
Be true
Say goodbye
He'll never know
What I'd given
Heart and soul

Tomorrows come
Yesterdays gone
Reluctantly daddy
Cares no more
Words like baby/baby girl
Words like daddy
Uttered no more
Erased completely
From this world

Warm and snuggled
Now cold and alone
New to old
Safe no more
Fall and falls
Pray to stop
Shattered again

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some things make you happy, some things make you sad, you’ll avoid a whipping, if you just #go2bed #StrictMotivation

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Dominated Girls