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Sitting here on break my brain wonders … So many thoughts fill my mind …May I share one with you ??

As I walk through the door I notice there is chair sitting in the middle of the living room . It’s the spanking chair , you know the kind , low profile with no arms on the side . Perfect for laying over my Sir's Knee , which happens to be his favorite position for me , he loved to see my round beautiful ass across his lap while it moves everytime he connects ….. As I come closer to the chair it has note on it which reads …

Sir: Princess , last night on my way in I happened to stop by your car and open the door . Would you like to know what I found little girl ?! The car door was unlocked !!! Last time we talked abut this when your wallet was stolen from your car and yet here we are again and thank god it was me who opened the door !!! I hope you realize what this means……………………….

In the bedroom is your towel for your shower and I have the outfit I want you in when I get home ….

As I make my way to the room I see my towel and next to it are a pair of boy shorts with a pink lace bra and my white and pink heels ..So I keep reading

Sir : Now , after your dressed I will allow you to choose two implement's to be punished with . Remember if I don’t like what you choose for the issue you have then I WILL choose what you hate so choose wisely . Once you have chosen, put them on the chair and stand I the corner with your panties down and wait , I will be back very soon .

The butterflies n my stomach are going crazy but I continue to get dressed only to know that I ill be undressing soon . While getting ready I cant stop thinking on how disappointed he is in me for knowing I just ignored the rules that were given to me . As I get to the corner I hesitantly pull my panites down and stand in my corner . HE KNOWS I hate the corner !!! But I hate disapointing my Sir even more . THEN …

I hear the door open … Im facing the corner and cant see anyhting and I don’t dare turn around to check either . Do I say hello or go for a the kiss I urge for from him? I can feel his steps towards me as his heavy feet hit the ground and then they stop and I hear ….

Sir : Hello princess , You are being such a good girl right now . (I can feel his breath on the back of my neck)..Im so proud of you for following instructions so well . I see you picked the leather belt and the cane ? I can tell you know how bad you were and what you deserve just by your pics .

I nod my head yes knowing I wasn’t told I could speak yet ..

Sir : "Are you ready bbg"

Me: Yes sir I am

Sir: Are you ready to leave this corner ?

Me : YES I AM (as I took a sigh of relief for getting out of that damn corner )
All of a sudden I feel his hand grab mine and start to turn me around , as I turn around and look up to his Handsome face he glares down at me and gives me a soft kiss telling me I look beautiful ..

Sir :Go ahead and pull those panites up . Now, im going to start off easy ok bbg? But I am gong to show you by the end on why you need to do what I ask

By this time the wet had already ran down my thigh and as I pull them up I can feel it get whipped up . That’s a good thing because if he notices I got this wet before anything has even happened he will not be happy .

He takes his seat on the chair ad he places me on his knee. My feet are still hanging because im so little compared to him . I can feel the warmth of his hands on my but , caressing it and squeezing it a little in his hands .

Sir : I want you to count to 50 and every time im done I want you to say " Thank you daddy ,next time ill lock my car !"

That was not easy at all ! He waits but the smack was so hard it sent goose bumps all over my body . My sir noticed them and it seemed like it got him going
SMACK , SMACK ,SMACK… HE wasn’t even using the belt ! He liked seeing me squeem under the power of his hand

On the 30th one he stands me up

SIR: stand at the back of the chair and bend over to receive the rest with cane..

Me: Please sir wait 5 min , im so sore already ….

Sir: Are you asking for a break right now ?!? Stern look of anger on his face .." After what you did ?Again ?

I cant believe I said that , why was I acting so weak and now I made it worse!!!!!
The cane starts swinging , with each hit I feel as if my skin is breaking . By this time im staring to squirm and I know we are way past 50 but I dare not say anything about it ! My breath is shortening and the tears are starting to well up in my eyes , I keep reaching for something to grab and there's nothing !!

Sir : Do you still need a break ?


Sir: I said do you still need a break ?!?

Me: No sir I don’t . Im so so sorry

Sir : Are you so sorry you wont do it ever again
In my Head I hear : I hope I don’t " but to him I say No!, No I will never do it again ! I promise ..(now full on tears )
Ok , im going to get the lotion to put on and when I come back I want you back over my knew for the Belt

I loveeeee the belt but he doesn't know that . But not after the cane which came after the unexpected spanking from his strong hands .

He takes down my pretty pink panties and I g back over his knee again . Belt wrapped tight around his fist with only a small amount hanging out . I know im going to have to hold it together to through this . My cheeks feel numb but it still stings so bad . I feel him sit up ad look over me to his leg and he says

Wait , what's this ?

You can see the Wet running down His leg. Are you serious right now ?

Me: I couldn’t help it sir !! Im sorry sir , Its not my fault ! Please I cry

I want you back in the corner thinking about this !

Here I am … shhh. Atleast I got my break ;)

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Hey all,

Looking for a down to earth spankee who lives in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area. Check out my profile and videos and if you like what you see feel free to give me a shout sometime. I'm a level headed guy with my own set of friends, hobbies, and the like. Suppose you can say I'm normal, I just so happen to have the spanking bug.

Good luck everyone!

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(Note... Read chapter #17 first, below)

I can't wait to meet his friends!, she thought. I never get to hang out with boys... She picked out her clothes carefully. She wanted to look pretty. Who knows when she'd have another chance like this!! She was smiling ear to ear.
It was going to be the best weekend ever!

They all sat down by the water, having dinner at the table. It was a warm spring day. The sun & cloudless blue sky, reflected off the water.

Baby Gus giggled in his playpen, gnawing on a hotdog, without a bun. Gracie, her strawberry hair in pigtails, amused him with an array of funny faces. The potato salad was so good, the fresh lemonade, a little tart but icey cold.
Uncle James had a quick bite and headed back inside to finish his sketches. We caught up on all the news and laughed about nothing and everything. Many hands made quick work of the clean up. Aunt Sandra took the baby up for his nap. Gracie had a school project to work on, and couldn't play until it was done.

They had no one to bother them. It was going to be great! It wasn't even six yet! Dylan phoned his friend, Jack and said that him and a few other friends would be here before too long. I hope they're cute, thought Janie.

They had to walk out to the woods, on the other side of the Lake. That way no one would see them. It was a bit of a hike. Janie felt so free. Even her hair was down, not pulled up in braids or pigtails. She wore jean shorts and a red blouse, which she tied up at the waist, once they left the yard. She looked good and felt pretty. All her friends had boys they liked. This was her chance.
Dylan had a nice build... between a teenager and young man. His curls were loose and he was so handsome. He was more grown up, than her, Janie thought. She looked up to him & had followed him around like a puppydog, since she was young. She felt safe with him, and proud he wanted to introduce her to his friends. Though they were in the same grade, Janie was nearly two years younger. Her school was performance based, so she was about 18 months beyond her expected place.

Dylan led her to a clearing. It was beautiful, a place surrounded by tall trees and thick with evergreens. Last fall had left a carpet of leaves for them to walk on, crunching beneath their feet. A stone circle scorthed by fire, held the dead ashes of other visitors. Dylan dragged a fallen tree , using his knife to cut off branches, for kindling, and making a place to sit. There were a few big rocks near the fire, that had also been used as seats, bearing the initials of loves that had come and gone.

Janie and Dylan gathered dead wood and stacked it in the ring. Dylan pulled out some matches & lit the pile. The fire was a great idea. She wished she'd brought a jacket. It was cooling off. Sap from the evergreens crackled and spit, but smelled wonderful!!

Through the woods came three boys, laughing and waving. Dylan said, "This is my cousin, Janie. Janie, meet Kyle, Richard and his brother Justin."

"Hi", Janie said, all at once feeling awkward.

"Don't worry, Janie, we don't bite...much", said Richard, the tallest and maybe the oldest of the boys. Hey, Dylan, where toy been hiding her?" Richard day next to Janie, who didn't know what to say. He dropped his backpack, reached in, withdrew a can and pop it open. Then Janie realized it was beer.

"Don't look at me, Dylan said...Janie's Father hardly ever lets her out of his sight. Hey got one for me?" Richard handed out cans to the boys and then offered one to her. Dylan shrugged his shoulders, so she took it, but didn't open it.

The sun was going down. The guys never stopped talking, it seemed. This was so much fun. Everyone was relaxed. Music was playing from Justin's phone. The fire made her mouth dry....just a sip and I'll give the rest to Dylan. It was still cold. She popped the tab and drank a couple big gulps. It tasted funny, but not bad. She held on to the beer, meaning to give it ti Dylan. She shivered a little. Richard asked, " You cold, Janie?"

"A little...". He scooted closer, gave her his jacket and put his arm around her. She was surprised, and couldn't think what to do, but she smiled and drank some more, without thinking. Wait until Sassy heard about Richard, she'd be..."

"Dylan!" They all turned, it was James, her Uncle James!! "Do you know what time it is?!" He walked closer, his face was tight....OH SHIT, THE BEER!. Janie tried to put it between her legs, but it was too late.

His voice grew low....He looked at Dylans friends, "I'll thank you to take your arm off of my niece! Get, Get on home...I'll deal with you boys, tomorrow. Richard went to pick up the backpack..."Leave it, I'll drop it to your Dad." Nobody looked happy. The boys left without a word. James was a huge man, no one would be arguing with him.

"This...THIS is how you take care of your little cousin?? Getting her drunk and letting your friends put their hands on her??? Dylan?! I can't believe it. All of you, drinking, underage! Not telling anyone where you were going!! Its amost 10! her Dad has already called! I've been looking for you over an hour!!
He pulled a radio out of his pocket. "Sandra...I found them. Go on up to bed", static and a muffled voice answered..."See you in a bit. No, we won't be right away."

Uncle James threw some more wood on the fire. "Get up!", looking at Dylan. "Got your knife?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Good, go cut some switches, six of them, long and strong, and bring them back here.". He threw him a flashlight. Dylan said nothing, but went towards the woods.
He felt bad for Janie. This c was his mess.
He'd gotten her into trouble, after she confuded in him. Some friend!

James turned to Janie. "You just can't keep yourself out out trouble, young lady! What's gotten into you?! Didn't I see you get your guide tanned only days ago? It's bad enough, what these boys are up to, Janie, but that you went off with Dylan and three other boys...and DRINKING?? Your good name is all you have, in the end. Your Father is going to lose His mind. But tonight, I'm in charge. You'll answer to me. He's been to easy on you, growing up & tried to get tough lately. He should have been as tough then as he tries to be now. But, no he just gave you a whack or two and sent you to your room. He should have been giving you the belt! You won't be getting off easy here, Janie. In fact I think I may keep you for the summer and straighten you out."

Dylan returned, soundlessly handed over the switches. His father tried each one out, whipping them through the air.
"You, Dylan, are responsible for this! This was YOUR friends, YOUR poor judgement and YOUR responsibility.. You may have the pleasure of v watching Janie be punished, first. I hope you cringe with every stroke!"

"No, Dad, I'll take her punishment and mine. I knew better. I led her out here. It's all my fault."
"That would be far too easy. NO!! YOU WILL BOTH BE PUNISHED. STAND THERE!!"

Not one whole day here, and you both are in trouble. I'm ashamed of you!!

Oh my God, her head was a little fuzzy. She'd never drank before. She stood and faced her Uncle. "I.... I'm sorry. Please don't tell my Daddy!!"

"I can assure you, little girl, that is the least of your immediate problems!"

Good Spanking
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It was Friday, and Daddy was driving her to the Lakehouse. He wouldn't be staying, as he had a redeye flight for business. She rarely got to be with her cousins, without being under his watchful eye. She'd been cooped up in that house for weeks and she just wanted to be out in the spring air.

She'd been alone so much, and Sassy, her best friend, had been hard to reach, even when she, finally was able to use the phone. Janie left a message, but she hadn't called her back and now she would be out of range. Oh well, I'm going to make the most of it.

Uncle James was her Daddy's brother.
He was also strict, but also had a light side. His wife, Aunt Sandra, was meek and book-wormish. She spoke quicky and nervously. She was pretty but conservative, to the nth degree. Janie had never seen her in anything but a dress or suit, even at the Lake. They had three children. Dylan, who was seventeen, was darling and an athlete.
Gracie was twelve, sweet and a bit more little girl than teenager and August, or Gus for short, was just three. He was a beautiful boy, who had s cherub's face beneath a bevy of blondish curls. His blog blue eyes were framed with black eyelashes long and thick, like fringe on a
rug. He never stopped smiling and Janie adored him.

The roads had become rural, as Janie had become lost in thought. The smooth asphalt had given way to rougher roads lined with farm houses and rolling hills. Short stone walls divided the landscape and sheep, cows and horses dotted the fields in the distance.

"Now, Janie..." Here we go, she thought, rolling her eyes. "I want you to mind your manners & listen to your Aunt and Uncle.
I want you to be helpful with the baby and tidying up. Don't wait to be asked to do things. You are old enough to see what needs to be done and to do it. I'm sure you will make me proud, especially in light of the last time you saw your Uncle, when I had to spank you, at the dinner table."
"Your Uncle is in charge, young lady. I will be very busy and will try to call, but cell reception out here is iffy, at best. I want you on your best behavior. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Daddy." repeat back whatever he said, "I'll be polite, helpful and tidy. Uncle James is the boss. I'll behave myself and make you proud".
He made eye contact, to reinforce the fact, he meant business & there better be no bad reports. Janie knew the look, a
cautionary warning.
"As Monday is a holiday, I'll be joining you sometime that afternoon, and drives you home. Enjoy yourself within reason. I'll miss you, Sweetheart, but you'll be fine with James." He was reassuring himself, more than her. She had been getting herself into all kinds of trouble, recently.
He had taken his belt to her, which he rarely did and she rarely deserved. He hoped that would be the end of it all, but at sixteen, she was liable to test his patience. She should tread carefully, his patience, had grown thin. Perhaps she missed her mother, who was abroad this term. She was working on a restoration project in Wales, and maybe Janie needed her at this age. Well, no choice but to carry on.

They entered the gravel road that led to the house. It followed the Lake along two sides. It was a vast property of great beauty. Fruit trees capped with blossoms lined the road. A gazebo and pay area last in the distance. A dock and boathouse were on the left and the sprawling stone house faced the north end of the water. A porch covered the front expanse. Flowers poured out of planters and rocking chairs sat at the ready. Wicker furniture nestled into the ends, made cozy seating areas. A fire pit and benches hid beside the house. A promise of marshmallows and singing whispered in the spring air.
The kids rushed out of the house, followed by James and Sandra, holding Gus. Hugs and smiles all around. Janie was beaming, as her Uncle James put his large arm around her and assured her Father, she was in the best of care. They soon hands and after an awkward embrace, Janie walked back to the car to say goodbye. She would miss her Daddy, but it was going to be a wonderful weekend !!

Dylan dropped her suitcase on the bedroom floor and hopped on the bed.
"My friends are coming round to meet you, later... As long as my parents go inside. My Dad didn't say they couldn't come, but I'm not asking, either. We both know what his answer would be. Anyway, we should be able to have a little fun & my father's way to busy to notice. Mom never comes out except to get dinner going."

"You haven't been to visit in months!! I can't believe your Father's away, God knows he wouldn't want you near any boys!! My Dad's working on that construction deal with your Father. He is drawing sketches of the complex, so he won't be around that much. Mother will be busy with the baby and we're going to have the run of this place . Do you think you'll come for summer?"

"Dylan, are you sure we won't get into trouble?? Daddy's been so cross with me. I got into a terrible mess at school. I got caught smoking and I took Daddy's lighter, and well... It all came out."

"Oh my God, Janie, you DIDN'T. I would cross your Father! What happened??!"

"First I was paddled at school, Dylan, that mean Mr. Stern pulled my pants down, and put me across his lap..."
"No... He never.."
"He beat me black and blue. It was take the punishment or be expelled."
"Expelled?! Janie King, I just can't get over you doing such a thing!"
"Oh... I don't even smoke, I coughed my lungs out!! I was just showing off... and anyways, the Principal took the lighter and I had to tell my Daddy... Oh, Dylan!! It was awful! ". A tear Sprang to her eye. "He was livid! So on top of the paddling I had at school, Daddy punished me AGAIN...On the bare bottom! With his hand first....REALLY HARD!! Then he whipped me with his belt, Dylan!! He never gave me such licking!! Afterwards, he says that it's not over, that I had another session coming, worse than the first! He was only waiting because my butt was so torn up!"
"Jesus, Janie....are you okay??"
"Yes, but after a day or two, I just wanted to get it over with. So I agreed I was ready. He took me into the study and taught me a lesson I'll never forget. He blistered my rear end and it's still yellow and green, from it, weeks later..... But I'll tell you the rest later! Let me change. I'll meet you on the porch."
"Nope, Dad's got hotdogs on the grill and Mom's getting the rest of the stuff ready in the kitchen. We're going to eat outside. Gracie's helping."
"Okay, I'll hurry, change and go help in the kitchen. Oh, Dylan...we have the whole weekend! She turned and hugged him hard. He was as close as any brother."

Dylan headed out after lifting the suitcase on to the stand. "See ya soon, hurry! Janie, I'm so glad you're here!!"

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A fantasy;

Two women barge in. One holds me down and the other pulls out a leather paddle and spanks me until I'm red. She slightly wedges my underwear up exposing the cheeks and pulls out a wooden paddle. They're both laughing as she furiously paddles me and I squirm under her arm. The woman holding me down says, "Get up and stick that ass in the air or I'm going to squeeze your balls until you pass out". I do as she commands while she grabs my cock through my underwear. Cum seeps out and she smiles. She pulls my underwear to the side and grabs my cock and squeezes the head with a hard pinch. I make a moan and she reaches over and spanks my ass as hard as she can, telling me to be quiet. The girl behind me with the paddle continues to spank me. I ejaculate and the girl in front cups it all in her hand. She reaches over, rubbing it all over my ass and says "Aww, look how shiny it is" and smiles. Then she looks at the girl with the paddle and says "20 more hard whacks with the paddle. Make sure that ass is thoroughly punished. I don't want him to be able to sit down for a week". She does as commanded and I squirm like I'm on fire. They leave, glancing their heads back and smiling as I'm laying face down on the bed.

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I'm so disgusted! Some guy sent me a private message, I opened it and it was him playing with his balls! I'm so pissed!!!!
If you know him, please share and warn everyone!
I put a pic in the comments

Good Spanking
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Yesterday was my birthday, and it dawned on me, that my ass hasn't even been touched in close to seven years now. Yes, I am a male switch, and that alone makes me feel shunned in the spanking community. I have given many spanking over the years, but my submissive side has a craving too. It's so frustrating, it's beyond frustrating. Can anyone here even begin to relate? Why is it because I enjoy both sides of the lap that it makes me odd? When will this end and I get my fulfillment like the rest of the world?

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Sometimes I feel like life gets in the way of having a productive life. I inherited a property from a roommate near a horse farm. The horse farm was having construction work done, just as I have been doing to make improvements to their older home. THEIR construction crew ran over my side property fence. The end result? About $10,000 worth of replacement and repair by MY construction crew. I will admit, it looked good. Then the construction morons back into another section this morning!!!!! I just got off the phone with my insurance and they thought this was funny!!???!!! I don't find a bit of this funny! "Well, Mam'am. We just closed that claim yesterday. The fact they plowed down another section? Maybe you need to reconsider having a fence so close to your neighbor's property?" Ummmmm.... my fence is about 10 feet from the edge of the property line. In the over a year, nearly 2, that I have had this property, I have NEVER had anyone run into my fence. The insurance adjuster cannot come out for another 24 hour because they have to finalize the previous claim and add an addendum to point out this is A SEPARATE section. Even though I was not pleased, I was pleasant and polite. But, I just want to lean the driver (is the same darn driver as last time) over the nearest pylon and give him hell. But, why? What would that accomplish but to further wreck my plans for the day? I know. It would make me feel a lot better! (Thanks for listening to my rant)

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In a little over 24hrs. I'll be offering up my panty seat for the sound application of hand, brush, paddle and strap. My initial reaction to the news that I'll be getting my bottom blistered? that the seat of my panties will glow like a lantern? that my bottom will look like a pair of ripe shiny tomatoes?,,,

I can't wait!

Tomorrow is spanking day for me. I received confirmation of my discipline appointment via messaging just last night. I am disciplined (at my own request) as regularly and frequently as possible (time and schedule permitting, usually several times a month). I will contact my disciplinarian, or vice versa, and the beginning stages of selecting a discipline time/place will start. As a spankee, I take a bit of satisfaction (and pride) in that I still get spankings and schedule and arrange for them myself. The internet is a wonderful thing as it allows me the opportunity to discuss consensual adult spanking in a community, like ST, that understands.

In my request to my disciplinarian I cited several reasons (misbehaviors) that would warrant a spanking:

1) maintenance spanking - overdue for an old fashioned and traditional trip otk
2) procrastination and laziness - avoiding unpleasant tidying up and housework
3) discussing my spankings and posting pics of my underpants here at ST
4) giving panty shows to the woman next door through a not so private privacy fence
5) generally behaving like a little pantysissy that is just aching to get his bottom warmed

I admit, there is a thrill factor involved. While it is 50% satisfaction that I will be getting something that I need and deserve, it is also 50% just downright red faced embarrassing fun. (oh my! someone's going to see my underpants). While it isn't overtly sexual I will own up to the fact that the front of my sissy nylon briefs are already tenting in anticipation.

While the non-spanko world might find it hard to understand, in just a little over 24hrs. I'll be taking the traditional across the lap spanking position and getting the seat of my tight little sissy panties (and bare bottom) paddle blistered - and liking it!

(I think you'll understand)

comments always welcome

Good Spanking
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you will be in trouble, with the leather getting doubled, as well as many a paddle in #SpankieMonster hands, set out to be reddening your ass, so hurry scurry and #go2bed to hide under them covers instead #StrictMotivation

get help: Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, at your pace, at your place: from the convenience of your home and is tailored to your specific needs, with no self demeaning expected, let alone on web-cam, including as much discretion as you desire. For consenting adults of any age, gender identity, sexual preference. roe or ethnicity. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)StrictMotivation@yahoo.com


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Well yesterday my disciplinarian was not around he was spending time with his family. I know that my behavior was not good at all day Friday or Friday night or Saturday. When my disciplinarian got home Saturday night he called me on Skype. I could tell in the tone of his voice that he was not happy with me at all. My disciplinarian comment to me was "Do you like how I am talking to you" all I said was no Sir. I was given lines to write till he got home. I had 6 pages done when he called me on Skype. I was only on lock down for one more week, however know I am on lock down till the beginning of next year due to my behavior and my mouth. I will have to write lines until he thinks I am sorry for what I did. My lines this time read "I'm Sorry I Disappointed You Sir." Which I am sorry I disappointed him, however I know I have more repercussions coming and oh boy help my backside and hands. I also got my hands strapped some today with my personal belt as I was writing my lines. I am still writing them now I have to continue to write "I'm Sorry I Disappointed You Sir" for one notebook. I was also told by my disciplinarian I needed to get more notebooks due to I was going to be writing lines for a while. Also due to my behavior I am now not allowed to do anything without asking his permission first. My behavior also got me another very long session with him to come. If I did not want the other long session for hiding things from him and my smart comment. I am positive I don't want this one that is to come for my behavior this weekend. Well I guess I will let everyone know how my day goes tomorrow. I have a very strong feeling that I am going to be writing and more then likely in tears at some point.

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Well today my disciplinarian thought that due to my attitude that by doing lines it would get my attention quickly. I know I really need to learn to watch my tone and attitude with him. I use to hate doing lines in school, well guess what I really do not like doing lines today. I ended up getting 4 pages worth of lines (front and back) so for those who count the front page as only 1 page and the back as 2 pages I did a total of 8 pages of lines; for a grand total of 256 lines. Then lines that he gave me had to read "I Will Not Give You An Attitude Sir." My disciplinarian gave me a time limit to have them done by. I only had 3 hours to get them all done. By the time I got done with all of my lines there was only I believe like 10 minutes to spare. I also did find out though that due to some of my actions that I have a very long session coming from him in the near future. I am really not looking forward to that session. I hid something from him again and then made a smart comment to a friend of mine later on that "I didn't care about if I got a three hour session" due to I was very upset last night. Well guess what due to me hiding information from him and that comment I know have a long session coming from my disciplinarian.

Good Spanking
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Having been a member of ST for the last 2 years it has been fun, enlightening but unfortunately a little saddening.
I had so hoped that a connection could have been made, and a solid DD relationship formed - this has not been the case.
So, with a heavy heart I have decided to withdraw.
I wish everyone all the best and hope that their dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled.


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...are panties important? One spankees case for the use of spanking pants (punishment panties)

(my bottom in a pair of shiny silky VS spanking pants)

For anyone who follows my blog, and photo galleries, it is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of spanking pants (punishment panties) - panties worn specifically for viewing and for spanking. Why panties? First off, THEY ARE EYE CANDY. The spanker gets a spanking eye view of a wonderfully shiny pair of panties stretched oh so tight across a bottom being offered up by the spankee for... spanking! Think of panties as bottom enhancement, why wouldn't you wear a super cute pair for a spanking knowing full well that they are shaping and enhancing your bottom?

For the spanker:

I know, I know, there are so many spanking purists that will say "on the bare!" No argument here. A good sound spanking should always finish on the bare. But, why not warm up the panty seat first, and start on a teasingly short and spanking tight pair of super cute panties. Women that spank (and we need more of you out there) take note: a male spankee feels a hundred times more embarrassed if you utilize punishment panties, particularly if you've invited your girlfriends over to watch.

For the male spankee:

Furthering the cause for panties, as a male spankee, there is nothing that turns my face redder with spanking shame than to go over the lap while sporting a pair of spanking tight sissy underpants: high waist lace trimmed nylon briefs, tight and shiny half pants, brightly colored bikinis, frilly rhumba pants - oh my! my underpants are showing! how embarrassing! And, as you are squirming over the spanker's lap, they just feel great, front and rear. I have observed that a paddle impacting a pair of tightly packed panties makes a much sharper resonance, much like a rifle report...

KARAAAKKK! - paddle on my panties please.

I like to pantytease the spanker and encourage a hand roaming my tight panty seat, with the spanker snugging them up and then smoothing them down. Having my panties adjusted before the spanking is very exciting, it feels wonderful and is VERY embarrassing! For me, embarrassment = thrill. You know your underpants are going to be seen, spanking is your best opportunity you have to show off your underpants. I love hearing a spanker's comments on my choice of panties worn knowing full well they would be seen, taking care to select the most embarrassing pair possible.

For the witness to your spanking:

Witnesses? You bet. I LOVE getting a witnessed spanking. I want the witnesses mouths to drop open in wide eyed surprise as they get their first look at a sissy pantyboy going otk to get his paddle comeuppance in shiny tight spanking briefs. I am sure they are thinking OMG! he's wearing PANTIES! And witnesses, be sure to comment on his panties. In fact, make him parade them around for your amusement. I always want to make sure that my small round and very spankable bottom is presented in the best possible way, in spanking tight and shiny little panties.

(oh yeah... and women, unless you're wearing a school girl skirt, lose the cotton panties. the shine is the best part of wearing panties. wear the shiny ones, we like seeing the shiny ones)

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Last night finished off a very long day for me. After working all day at my Pasty restaurant, I had to come home for a quick shower and change into a tuxedo. All after having been informed very early that my Baby girl would not be available during the day to chat. It made the day drag on without her.
Around 7pm we started the installation of officers of my Masonic Lodge. I stepped down as Master for the past 3 years to the second in charge position. At about 8:30, just as I was conducted to my station, my cell phone went off to the tune of "Benny Hill Show". Now, with about 100 in attendance, someone said " why is your ass playing Benny Hill" ...... My apologies Brothers, I forgot to set it to vibrate. I was fined $25.00 for my infraction. A few minutes later I got the opportunity to see who texted me. It was my Baby girl..... I smiled, and said to myself,, " at least I heard from her" A half hour later, while on my way home, about 25 miles from home, I break the belt to the alternator on my Chrysler. Slowly, everything requiring power shut down, Radio first, then transmission went into first gear. Dash light next, then headlights dimmed. Motor starting to buck, I made it to my door just as it stalled. Fuck, Me, at least I made it. Quick change into my shop coveralls I found the problem. Belt shredded, ,,, an easy fix. Looked at the clock and tried to reply to Baby, and she had just gone to bed. Long sigh. I hope today allows some time, if not, there is always before she goes to work on Monday

Good Spanking
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Looking to switch and try out my submissive side. Any female spankers out there?

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it has been a long time coming, i havent had alone time in a couple months. tonight i am by myself.i am a naughty boy who needs regular spankings......as soon as i got home by my self i went straight upstairs and stripped off all my clothes. completely naked i spread out over my bed. i didnt waste any time.....i picked up the hairbrush and began spanking my naked bottom. swat after swat, hard and fast, giving myself a proper spanking..........after awhile i switched to the belt. i spank myself as hard as i can because i know i deserve it.i spank my self as hard as i can because i know if i was bent over mommies lap she would punish me or if i was bent over my wifes lap she would punish me.
i am consumed by my need for a proper spanking

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Every once in a while, you find yourself in exactly the right place, at exactly the right moment. Planets align, the karma wheel turns, your longshot comes in. I'd like to share with you one of those moments.

I happened, as with most Sundays, to find myself at the grocery store (I take an elderly parent there to do the weekly shopping). This takes considerable time to accomplish. On a blustery day of a year or so ago, I found myself standing curbside, just outside the door, having one of the several smoke breaks I take on shopping day. The wind was gusting and I was being teased with a few fluttering skirts. And then it happened. The planets aligned, the karma wheel turned, and a long shot came in.

It is an upscale neighborhood and I was already being eyed as suspect, smoking a cigarette and all. and looking like I was loitering with intent (I was). The women stopping after church were decked out in female finery, skirts, heels and pantyhose. Throw in a gusting wind and you just can't beat that combination (I have even devoted an entire photo gallery to wind blown skirts btw).

I was in the process of lighting a cigarette when a well coiffed attractive woman, 40ish, stepped out wearing a very flimsy and very short skirt. Our eyes met and she summed up the situation accurately (the whole loitering with intent thing). I was indeed watching for a wind blown skirt. The situation was shaping up nicely in my favor. She had her purse over her shoulder and carried grocery bags in both hands (probably just needed a few things for Sunday dinner). There wasn't a free hand available to hold to the hem of the skirt. I smiled, she frowned, and with a slight shrug of her shoulders, she stepped off of the curb while the gusting wind immediately inverted the back of her skirt.

She proceeded across the lot without a scurry to her step. In fact, I got the impression that she may have even slowed a bit. As her hips swayed I was treated to a full on view of very shapely legs, a very shapely bottom, and sheer to the waist pantyhose. I almost dropped my cigarette. There is a God (a pantyhose god anyway) as her skirt remained up, with her bottom exposed, for her entire venture to her car.

I watched as she stepped into what was quite likely the most expensive car on the lot (convertible BMW I believe, if memory serves me) and then circled the lot to make her exit. As she passed by, she smiled and waved reinforcing my belief that, on the rare occasion, longshots do come in.

(to whoever it is out there that invented pantyhose I say: thank you, thank you, bless you. I would certainly vote for you for any public office that you would be foolish enough to pursue)

Good Spanking
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I am going to buy a piece of ginger root for my assignment.
Gosh I am shaking just think about the burning.

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Dark is the sky
Happiness gone
Depression Arise
Friend or foe
Dark angel appeared
Like the angel of death
The sky is pitch black
Anger is all I feel
Hate was all I felt
Depressing is this poem
Dark, Dark, Dark
Hope is gone
I don't care at all

Clouds part
Like drapes on a stage
Depression a mirage
Happiness coalesce
Enemies become friends
Angel of death thwarted again
Anger and hate fade away
Sweet and loving restored
A rebirth of sorts
Filled with hope once more

Depressing was this poem
Hope was all gone
I didn't care at all
Yet just like the fog
A mist blown away

Love in the air
Songs in my heart
Sweet Angels appear
Soaring up there
Singing everywhere
Ready to play
To live once again

Spanked Cutie